Holt Castle has stood proudly above the Severn valley, in the heart of rural Worcestershire for a thousand years. Over that time the land around the Castle has been passionately tended. For the last four generations, its stewardship has been the Harper family’s privilege and livelihood.

We, the Harpers, run a busy estate incorporating a number of diversified enterprises such as a business park and vegetable packing facility, which supplies many of the major multiples. However, for many years we have strongly believed, that the taste and quality of our on-site water was outstanding. This led to the installation of a state of the art bottling facility and Holt Drinks was born!

Our team are now passionate about sharing our exceptional water, through both our own brand products and private label customers.


Deep beneath the ground around Holt Castle, lies a source of spring water of exceptional taste and purity. This water has filtered naturally through layers of rock, developing its unique flavour and crystal clear appearance. We abstract it direct from its source, to our on-site bottling plant, in order to retain its freshness and impeccable quality.

The water has 100% natural composition, a pH of 7.5 and is never chemically treated. The delicately balanced minerals give the water it exquisite taste.

Typical Mineral Analysis at Source (mg/l)
Calcium 87.2
Magnesium 22.1
Potassium 4.55
Sodium 20.9
pH 7.5


We have many years of experience running a cutting edge, award winning food packing company.  Motivated by belief in our high quality, on-site water supply, we have transferred these skills to create Holt Drinks, an innovative, specialist bottling facility. Holt Drinks can supply both still and flavoured premium bottled water, for private label customers and Holt Drinks own brand products.

With our proven track record in attention to detail, our team provide a versatile, high quality bottling service. Our friendly, first class, family business is small enough to be flexible but big enough to accommodate small, medium or large bottling runs!


Our family business, Holt Drinks has strong environmental ambitions:

To progress Holt Drinks towards a 100% Circular Brand as quickly as possible. This means using 100% recyclable material, which can be 100% recycled. We are not there yet, but we are well on the way! Our bottles contain premium PET which is 100% BPA free. PET is 100% recyclable and has the lowest carbon footprint of any current alternative packaging solutions. All our plastic bottles contain recycled PET (rPET) and it is our intention to use 100% recycled PET as soon as it is feasible.

99% recycling programme for all packaging used on site.

Renewable energy – 80% of our sheds carry solar panels which contribute to powering our bottling plant.

We have planted over 10,000 trees on our water catchment area to sequestrate carbon and also enhance biodiversity.

To leave our corner of the Worcestershire countryside beautiful for the generations to come!

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